Monday, 25 February 2013

Phirun and Angelina Jolie

A 12 hours bus journey from Ho Chi Minh to Siem Reap was really brutal. Brutal is when the only things that kept me calmed were a bottle of mineral water and a packet of artificial sweet berries. I'm not only complaining how hard to find halal food (as a first time Muslim traveler) but to cross a rural, rough and unpaved winding road make me pray every seconds to be able to eat something before I die. The situation was more worrying when I do not like to sleep in a moving vehicle when travelling with a reason worry to be missed watching the view outside which I consider difficult to find in my own country. I found it right, it is very difficult to see a group of children running naked beside the road, as well as see the locals bath and defecate in fields. Rare. 

In front of me was a Japanese writing a travel journal in Japanese language, in a chair next to me a couple of locals were enjoying fried cockroaches and in the back, a married old couple from Germany was trying hard to sing along to a song playing on TV attached to the front of the bus roof in a Khmer language. With that atmosphere, you can imagine my situation at the time.

It almost 12 am when I safely arrived at Siem Reap bus station. Only god knows how dark the bus station was.I choose Phirun, as he was the first tuktuk driver that greeted me. Phirun very fluent in American English which I assumed he learned it from every tourist he met. Imagine a dollar that he gets from working is like he earns a language knowledge. Phirun talked endlessly from the bus station to hotel I was stayed and I did not even hear what he was saying due to the supersonic tuktuk speed. Phirun promised me a day tour trip to Angkor Wat with only $12 and because I'm a god's creation views admirer I choose to see that wonder of the world at a moment the sun rises. Phirun is a really hardworking young man I ever met. Can you imagine he sent me to the hotel around 12.30 am and he able to be fetch me for my one day visit to Angkor Wat on 4 am with his smile. 

I ask him; 'You did not sleep aren't you?' He smiled. I gave him $12 but he pushed it back. 

 'How if I left you once I send you there? He laughed.

'Remember my jacket number and you can pay after we done all'

Woke up as early as 4 in the morning with only 2 hours of sleep was really worth it, indescribable! and Phirun has showed me something that hard for me to explain to you.

Me on Phirun's tuktuk

Front temples, thousand of tourists were there to watch the
reflected image of the temples on the reflected lake.

Before I went to watch the views, I met a virtual curly haired skinny girl that claimed herself as Angelina Jolie. Angelina was wearing tear jeans with a blue floral blouse and she can speak English well. When she called herself Angelina, I laughed, a loud. Without her explanation I knew why, she has what Angelina has, sexy lips. No, I'm kidding. It is because of that Lara Croft woman came last few years doing action shooting at Bayon temple and she is really admiring her.

Angelina working as a waitress at her mom small stall near a lake filled with pink lotuses where everyone will gather to see the reflected image of the front temples. If you get there, Angelina will come to you; 

'Have you breakfast Sir? 
Sunrise is about an hour from now.
Please drink coffee while waiting in my stall, Angelina Jolie, booth number 3.' 

If you say no, Angelina will continue to follow your.

'Maybe later Sir? When you thirsty and tired.' 

And she will tell you the history of the old buildings as you walk, she'll help you capture your picture with old classical monument of Khmer architecture. She does that for free, but if you are a good person, you should respond by going drinking coffee at her stall.

I ask her how did she learn those historical facts about Khmer architecture. She smiled.

'It has become a symbol of Cambodiaappearing on my national flag, it would be wrong if I don't know' 
'How's coffee?' - She asked me politely.
'Taste like home' - I replied.


The reflecting lake

One of the highest towers

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